Meet Doug Wolfe

Applying educational technology to enhance learning and solve learning problems.

I am an elearning consultant who specializes in the following areas: online learning, interactive product development, mobile learning, educational content creation, and game development for higher education and K–12 clients. I enjoy wrestling with the puzzle of how to apply educational technology solutions that help students learn while dealing with the real world constraints of limited budgets, sensitive stakeholders, and classroom realities.

Things I Do

The services I offer fall into these broad categories:

  • Instructional design
  • Interactive product development
  • Educational product development
  • Teach online courses

More specifically, I lead projects and conceptualize, write, and edit

  • Online courses
  • E-learning activities/interactivities
  • Educational content
  • Activity/lesson storyboards
  • Mobile learning solutions
  • Games

My Approach

I see the forest and the trees. I am equally comfortable working on high-level planning and diving into the details to be sure the plan is executed as intended. I help project teams focus on the key objectives.

  • I communicate clearly with all stakeholders. I help technical and non-technical people understand one another.
  • I balance dreams with the realities of limited budgets, sensitive stakeholders, and on-the-ground conditions.
  • I identify instructional goals, learner characteristics, and technology solutions that support the goals and learners.
  • I implement solutions in an effective manner.

My Background

Here’s the 30,000 foot view of my background. If you want the 500 foot view, check out my resume, my LinkedIn profile, or contact me for more details.

  • eLearning Consultant
  • Vice President of Content Development for NETS, a developer of digital and print educational materials for the K–12 and higher ed markets
  • Director of Content Development and Product Concepts for the K–12 arm of the McGraw-Hill Educational Publishing Group
  • Integrated Learning System Design Manager and Interim Mathematics Manager for CTB/McGraw-Hill
  • Instructional Designer for Jostens Learning Corporation (now Compass Learning), a K–12 integrated learning system company
  • On the side, I have been a teaching assistant for EdTech 536 Digital Game Design for K–12 Classrooms at Boise State University
  • I have earned a Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State University (link to portfolio), a teaching credential in Mathematics from San Diego State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Stanford University.

A Few Accomplishments

The projects highlighted below give you a tiny taste of the scores of projects I have led or worked on. If you’d like more details or a more comprehensive list, please contact me. You may also want to check out the samples in my Master's degree portfolio.


Interactive Media for Business Course

I did the instructional design, writing, QC, and some coding of new interactive media for a higher ed online business course used by a network of overseas institutions.

College Algebra Videos

I conceived, wrote, and produced motivating unit introduction videos for an online College Algebra course used by a network of overseas institutions.

Evaluation of Corporate Training

I conducted an evaluation of a corporate training program and made phased recommendations for enhancements.

Link to YouTube video

Online Course Instructional Videos

Click the picture to link to one of a series of “explainer” videos I created to demonstrate programming techniques for students in an online course (Digital Game Design for K–12 Classrooms).

Mobile Learning App Prototype

I developed the concept, functionality, and wireframes for a prototype mobile learning app and Web service.

Contact Me

If you need help with a project, I’d love to talk to you! Please use the form below.

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